Getting Your Pinellas Home Ready to Rent

We work with a lot of owners who ask us what they need to do to get their Pinellas rental property ready for the market. This is an important part of the leasing process because there are many factors involved in getting top market rents for your property. Those factors include location, listing price, and condition.

You can’t do much about the location of your property, but you can impact the price by improving the property condition.

So, the most important thing you can do when preparing your property for the rental market is to make sure it’s in pristine condition so you get top rents.

Hire a Professional Cleaning Staff

The first thing we recommend is to hire a professional cleaner. You want your property to be clean from top to bottom. This includes dusting the light fixtures and ceiling fans, and replacing any light bulbs that have burned out. Wipe down all the faucets, cabinets, and drawers in the kitchens and the bathrooms. Pay attention to the inside and outside, including the hinges. All appliances must be cleaned inside and out as well, including behind the refrigerator and behind the washer and the dryer. You’d be surprised how much dust can accumulate there.

Pay Attention to Windows and Floors

If you’re leaving the blinds or other window coverings, make sure they’re clean. Replace any broken pieces and be sure the blinds work. Any sliding doors or windows must have clean sills, including the frames and the tracts. Make sure the framework is free of dust and dirt. Switch plate covers on the walls need to be replaced if they’re broken or missing. Flooring should be as new as possible. If the carpets are stain-free and in good condition, have them professionally shampooed before you rent the home to new tenants. If you’re replacing them, consider tile or wood laminate. Those surfaces are durable and will last between tenancies.

Curb Appeal: Paint and Landscaping

Service the central heat and air conditioning systems. Change the air filter and vacuum around the unit to get any dust and debris that tends to collect there. Interior walls need a fresh coat of paint. We recommend something neutral, like antique white or eggshell. Put some white satin paint on the baseboards and trim.

The home’s exterior should be appealing too. The lawn should be mowed the shrubs should be trimmed below the window sills. Make sure there are no tree branches or shrubbery touching the roof. Flower beds should be free of weeds. You want to create some curb appeal that will make your property look warm and inviting.

Pinellas property managementNow that your home is clean, functional, and in rent-ready condition, you should have no problem getting rents that are at the top of the market.

We’d be happy to help you with every step of your leasing process. If you have any questions about this or anything pertaining to Pinellas property management, please contact us at Bianchi Realty and Property Management.

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