How Bianchi Realty Saves Pinellas Owners Money on Maintenance Repairs

Owning an investment property in Pinellas County, Florida will require a comprehensive and proactive maintenance strategy. You’ll need to focus on regular and preventative maintenance as well as upgrades and updates that will increase your rental value and keep your property competitive with others on the market. Sometimes, you’ll also need emergency repairs.

Whether it’s an emergency repair or a routine fix, you need to have a great team of vendors in place and a plan for how you’ll respond to the issue.

Pinellas Property Management and Maintenance

As your professional Pinellas property management partner, we understand the cost and anxieties that are often associated with maintaining rental property. Our goal is to save owners from the headaches of repairs while ensuring the value of your investment is protected. You don’t want to overspend on maintenance and repairs, but you also don’t want to welcome deferred and unreported maintenance issues into your property, otherwise you’ll end up spending more in the long term.

By law, as your property manager we must put together a property maintenance schedule that complies with all building, housing, and health codes for the region. We cannot put off repairs or improvements that directly impact the habitability of your property or the safety and security of your tenants.

Preferred Vendors Help Reduce Maintenance Costs

Our decades of experience in maintaining Pinellas rental homes has allowed us to put together a database of qualified vendors and contractors in our area. We can rely on these professionals to service the properties we manage.

With many vendors now charging just to give an estimate, we know that gathering a number of bids and estimates for work is unreasonable. We save our owners money by sending the best vendor for the job. Our preferred vendors are vetted and screened, and we trust them because they’re capable and reliable. They also provide market-rate pricing, which is increasingly important as repair costs start to rise all across the country.

Communication with Owners during Maintenance and Repairs

We keep owners informed on the job requirements and its progress throughout the repair process. Once the work is completed, the invoice can be viewed directly online in your owner portal. There are no surprises, and you’ll always understand the costs associated with the work.

By law, ongoing and necessary maintenance includes maintaining the plumbing in good working condition and providing reasonable heating and cooling systems. We are also required to keep the roof, windows, screens, floors, steps, porches, exterior walls, foundations, and all other structural components in good repair and capable of resisting normal forces.

Your trust in our team and our experience managing and maintaining rental properties keeps your tenants happy, your property value rising, and your investment hassle-free.

Property managerFor more information on how we keep your property well-maintained and safe while ensuring all repairs and upgrades are cost-effective, please contact us at Bianchi Realty. We’d love to tell you more about our Pinellas property management services.

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